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Welcome To BISARGA SOLAR CAR OF BHARAT SOLAR ENERGY. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about our private results in the field of solar energy sources, where we developed an extremely powerful new 3D system with a laboratory confirmed efficiency of 40% for conventional PV cells. We are currently developing systems that are likely to reach 80% and 120-500% efficiency compared to the current technical state with 18.5%! You can certainly judge for yourself what the savings in billions of USD and the benefits for the whole world it will bring.


Bisarga Solar Car

Benefits: Electric cars. In countries with high sunlight, we assume that electric cars will no longer need to drive into charging stations at all - they will draw energy during operation, only through the car body! Electric charging stations: our unique technical solution will also enable the construction of electric charging stations anywhere, without the need for an external electrical network! E.g. even in the middle of the desert!