Padma Ilish – Fresh Hilsa Fish – Fresh Ilish (1kg)


  • Fresh Hilsa Fish From BISARGA
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The Ilish, also known as Hilsa, is a popular food amongst the people of South Asia, and especially within Bengalis. It is the national fish of Bangladesh called Padma Ilish. Bengali fish curry is a popular dish made with mustard oil or seed. It is also popular in India, especially West Bengal, Odisha, Tripura, Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Southern Gujarat and in Mizoram, and it is also exported globally. A delicacy in its own right, the Hilsa holds great cultural and culinary import and holds a large fan-following nation-wide. Once you taste it, rest assured you’d never turn back. Such is the appeal of the enticing Hilsa. Buy Hilsa/Ilish Online In Kolkata by Bisarga Online Grocery Store. Discounted Price is applicable from 2 Kg.